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„Osteoporosis is an issue for all of us - even for me as a competitive athlete“

Heike Henkel, Olympic Champion

Olympic champion Heike Henkel reports on her diagnosis of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone loss occurs. Since bone loss does not cause any symptoms at the beginning, the disease is often only detected at an advanced stage. However, with the OsteoTest it can be detected at an early stage - when the chances of successful therapy are still high.

"Osteoporosis? Everyone immediately thinks of old people," says Heike Henkel (57), "But the disease, in which the bones break down, unfortunately also affects many people much earlier." She herself has just tried the OsteoTest | home. With a surprising result for the former competitive athlete in the high jump, who became European champion in 1990, world champion the following year and won Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992.

"My test result was in the endangered red zone. I wouldn't have thought that, because I eat healthy and take care of my body."

She immediately discussed the findings with her GP, because with the right therapy, the onset of bone loss can get under control.

The test kit is a small green and white cardboard box equipped with a cup for the urine sample and a draw-up syringe. "It's totally simple. Then you fill out a questionnaire and send questionnaire and send everything to Kiel.“

There, the sample arrives at a Geomar laboratory in a mass spectrometer, which uses the so-called calcium isotope ratios can detect the smallest changes in the bone structure.

"My recommendation: take this test now and get certainty!"

What is the OsteoTest | home exactly?

The OsteoTest | home from osteolabs works uncomplicatedly, quickly and without X-rays, because it determines the calcium ratios in the bones using a urine sample. So you can easily test yourself at home and get certainty in three steps.

This is a clinically tested procedure in which the calcium values in the urine are measured several times in a high-performance and proven mass spectrometer. You will receive an accurate and precise evaluation with a comprehensible and individual test assessment safely and discreetly to your home, so that you can then discuss any further steps with your GP.

It's that simple:

Step 1:

Take the osteoporosis test easily and conveniently at home and send it to the medical laborator.

Step 2:

Your sample will then be thoroughly tested and evaluated in our medical laboratory.

Step 3:

Afterwards, your test results will be sent directly to your home in a safe and discreet laboratory report.

Recipe tips for calcium rich meals

Both for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, nutrition plays an important role in strengthening the bones. If the body receives too little calcium, it mobilizes the mineral from the bones, which results in a decrease in stability in the bones. Therefore, prevent and ensure a healthy and varied diet.


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